Our expertise

Mazars offers a full range of professional services including audit, accounting, tax, advisory and legal services for a wide range of clients across the spectrum of industry sectors.


Audit and Assurance

Our goal at Mazars is for our clients to have a clear vision of their corporate strategy, business processes and financial reporting.


At Mazars, we understand how important it is taxation , so we apply our specialized broad tax knowledge to help solve the tax problems of our customers.


At Mazars we understand the need of dealing with legal issues in an international environment. We offer a pragmatic and cross specialization approach to a diverse client base. We work with global owner-managed businesses and European listed companies, but also with local companies, associations and private individuals.


Is your company really focused on your core business? If past crises have taught us something, it is that when times are hard, companies must concentrate their time and energy on the things they do best: their core business. We provide a tailor-made, flexible and scalable service to help you react quickly to changing market conditions or seasonal variations.

Transaction services

Mazars Transaction Services teams can offer all the skills and experience necessary to handle all aspects of your transactions. From valuation, due diligence and assistance to support in litigation and underperforming businesses. We can review your entire accounts and comply with banking agreements and reporting assignment

Transfer Pricing

Companies as part of their economic activity carried out a series of transactions with related parties, among which are the provision of services, financing, buying and selling assets, among others. In this regard, we note that the tax authorities have increased their interest in reviewing the issues of transfer pricing tax audits, validate whether transfer prices have been defined based on the principle of free competition and whether these have supporting documentation on how prices have been determined.

U.S. Desk

MAZARS - U.S. Desk: We are a link between the United States of America, Europe and Colombia.