Transaction services

Mazars Transaction Services teams can offer all the skills and experience necessary to handle all aspects of your transactions. From valuation, due diligence and assistance to support in litigation and underperforming businesses. We can review your entire accounts and comply with banking agreements and reporting assignment

We advise you on any type of transaction you wish to carry out, from appraisals, due diligence and advice, to support for businesses in regression or litigation. We can review all your financial statements and make sure they comply with both banking agreements and reporting obligations.

Our services include:

Due Diligence
Acquisitions-due diligence and Sales-due diligence.

Mergers and acquisitions
We will study the company's financial, legal, labor and fiscal situation in the process of purchasing a company.

Litigation Support
Review of prices or warranty clauses or compensation or support clauses during arbitration or legal proceedings.

We help you value your investments or business, so that you know the financial effects of restructuring your business.

Corporate Finance
We can guide you in your financial operations obtaining a great success in the results.

Reorganization processes
We help you identify the possible causes of a crisis in your company, in order to find a solution as soon as possible.


  • Compliance
  • Approach
  • Accuracy

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