Is your company really focused on your core business? If past crises have taught us something, it is that when times are hard, companies must concentrate their time and energy on the things they do best: their core business. We provide a tailor-made, flexible and scalable service to help you react quickly to changing market conditions or seasonal variations.

At Mazars, we review your annual accounts and financial statements, and evaluate your overall financial situation. Additionally we make recommendations to help you improve your accounting processes and your overall business.

The outsourcing allows the company to free itself totally or partially, as desired, from its people in charge of the accounting-financial, fiscal, labor and mercantile tasks, allowing the internal resources to focus on the management of business.

Our Outsourcing department prepares the accounting and financial reporting, allowing us to meet the financial information needs in the required deadlines.

Management and comprehensive advice in payroll, social security and other areas related to the management of the labor and social environment.

Preparing payments for suppliers and employees according to customer instructions.


Financial information, accounting and reporting needs within the required deadlines.

Full customer dedication in Core Business, saving money and time.

Generation of fast and accurate accounting information.

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