In the last week, several changes have been presented within the deadlines and extensions of the terms in tax matters, our Newsletter No. 6 all our clients can find the most relevant aspects regarding tax updates on: (i) Decree 639 which establishes exemption from the Financial Movement Tax - GMF and exclusion from sales tax -VAT, as well as (ii) Resolutions 041, 042 and 046  issued by DIAN on the renewal of terms of  some administrative proceedings before specific departments/offices of the entity, determination of basic aspects of the electronic invoice (subjects, obligations, calendar) and new deadlines to file tax information, (iii) Likewise, you will find Resolution 223 of the Bogotá Secretary of Finance on the extension of terms of the District Tax Directorates of Bogotá and Collection of the District Secretary of Finance and Resolution 071 of the Cali Secretary of Finance on the untimely payment of the industry and commerce tax.